Randy Blue Heartthrob Nicco Sky Heats Up the Screen!

While many would be ashamed to admit they ever popped in an adult video, it would be ridiculous to assume no one did. The gay adult film industry is a billion dollar enterprise and there are plenty of good-looking men waiting to show up on your computer screen to help you through the day.

Randy Blue heartthrob Nicco Sky is fairly new to the gay porn scene, but is already turning heads and making his name known for his toned body, charming smile and erotic techniques in the bedroom.

The 25-year-old Latino burst into the world of Randy Blue with a solo performance and is now on the top of everyone’s go-to guy list. It is safe to call Sky a “gay porn star.”

“Randy Blue was my favorite website and I had always wondered what it would be like to join the industry,” Sky says. “So when I got enough confidence I submitted pictures and they took me.”

One look into his beautiful brown eyes and it is easy to see why one of the biggest names in the same-sex adult film industry wasted no time adding Sky to their roster.

While many in the industry see dollar signs and are usually heterosexual males. Sky had another reason for signing up and sorry ladies, this man plays for the other team. “I enjoy being sexually free and this industry has provided me with many opportunities that others may not think would be possible,” he says. “I’ve always loved to be on stage. I also always wanted to be in front of a camera. I just ended up going about it in a very unconventional way.”

The opportunities for Sky keep pouring in by the dozens. The charismatic hunk has appeared in a cover video for Carly Ray Jepsen’s number-one single “Call Me Maybe” and posed for a book by photographer Mark Henderson. “I remember doing the photo shoot for [Henderson’s] book Suburban Pleasures. It was my first modeling gig and it made me very nervous,” Sky says. “When the book came out I happened to be on the back cover and it was so overwhelming to me. It was a great moment definitely.”

Sky models with elite underwear company, Andrew Christian.

Sky continues working to make his name a brand. Besides showing up in frequent scenes for Randy Blue, including the feature Texts, Lies, and Video, the actors favorite appearance to date, Sky may just find a way into the homes of devoted gay fans.

The adult film star is finding ways to form closer bonds with his many fans. New live shows and a competition in association with FleshJack were he placed third are only the beginning.  “I am currently heavily involved in the Live Web shows with Randy Blue. It’s nice to be able to interact with the fans in a more intimate way. I also believe that interactive web shows are the future of the porn industry,” he says.  “The Fleshjack competition is very exciting and I’m honored they considered me to represent their brand. It is a competition though.”

Some celebrities and other household names may find it rude and uncomfortable to be recognized for their work in film or television, but wouldn’t it feel weird for Sky to be recognized for his explicit sex scenes? “It isn’t weird at all. I’m flattered and glad people are enjoying what I do,” Sky says. “It would be horrible if I was doing my work for Randy Blue and nobody enjoyed it.”

Even though Sky is filmed in the bedroom for a living, sex is not on his mind 24/7.

The Los Angeles-native does have other “normal” hobbies. “I love music and horror movies,” Nicco says.  “I’m also very into fitness, as you can tell. I enjoy hiking and dance also.”


Being surrounded by gorgeous men day and night, Sky could have his pick from just about any type of guy out there.

He says that he has always been and always will be attracted to men. With an athletic body himself, a body Sky says takes a lot of hard work and dedication, many would bet on Sky to be a little shallow and picky himself. He sees it a different way. “I typically am drawn to guys who are tall and have beautiful eyes,” Sky says.  “Personality is what will keep me interested though. I love a man with a great sense of humor.”

A life in the adult film industry may not be the dream job or ultimate goal for many children growing up, but Nicco has always had the passion for entertaining. His current role is a risqué one, but Sky is having the time of his life.

There are many people who would look down at a career in the gay porn industry. Nicco does not let those negative opinions get in his way.  “I don’t say anything to those who do not agree with my career,” he says.

Take a look at the “Call Me Maybe” cover featuring Nicco Sky if you haven’t already.



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