Casa Rubia, Opens October 14th in Trinity Groves with a Spanish wine list and sherries galore.

Among the many exciting things coming up in Dallas’ dining scene this fall, one we’re extremely psyched about is Casa Rubia, the new venture in Trinity Groves from the Driftwood folks. Trinity Groves will be the West Dallas restaurant incubator development that is soon to be the hottest thing in Dallas dining. Owner Jonn Baudoin and chef Omar Flores plan to do it again with a brand new eatery— a modern tapas restaurant.

Their menu will be “modern tapas influenced by Spain,” says Baudoin. “We want to take tapas in a direction you just can’t find in Dallas right now — really incorporate Omar’s style and techniques.”


That means taking tapas “to a modern level” — using techniques “like sous vide and nitro” and fresh, seasonal ingredients “without getting too far out there. I still want to capture that Old World feel, and I want it to be sexy and everything.” The bar will seat 18, and the dining room will probably seat about 70; plus they’ll add a substantial patio.

“Catalonia is my favorite area of Spain,”

“Catalonia is my favorite area of Spain,” says the chef, “so I want to utilize a lot of seafood.” Baudoin plans an all-Spanish wine list, with lots of sherries to offer. The highly anticipated concept, has a projected opening date for October 14.


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