Lockhart’s BBQ – Authentic Texas Flavors

True BBQ needs no sauce to be enjoyed. With moist, tender, smoked and charred bits of perfection Lockhart’s Smokehouse is the closest you can get without driving out to Hill Country.

The story of Lockhart’s dates back to one of the greatest families in Texas barbecue. When a family quarrel, that become national news, split the business and forced the opening of two locations. What’s now ancient history in Lockhart, TX has lead to the opening of a barbecue joint in the Bishop Arts district of Dallas. As granddaughter Jill Bergus of Kreuz Market founder Ed Schmidt made the move to bring authentic BBQ to the North Texas.

Looking for a leaner bite, ask for shoulder clod as the regular brisket tends to dry out.

Looking for a leaner bite, ask for shoulder clod as the regular brisket tends to dry out.

Staying true to tradition, customers place their orders in full view of the cutting boards as meats are piled onto butcher paper along with bread or saltines. The fatty brisket along with the occasional burnt end is your surefire bet. Make sure to request it “moist” as the fat is perfectly caramelized to melt in your mouth. Brisket this good needs no seasoning besides the peppered bark of pull apart meat. Just as amazing as the beef and pork spare ribs, the side are no exception. Serving up a creamy mac and cheese, we also suggest one of their two coleslaws or the brisket-and-blue-cheese hominy.

Riding on the success of some of the best brisket you’ve ever had,  Lockhart’s Smokehouse now has two location to better serve the metroplex. They’re no question about it, service by the pound and wrapped in butcher paper, Lockhart’s Smokehouse is the place to be for authentic Texas BBQ.

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