It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No… It’s a Supercharger?

This month Evoke takes a look the Tesla Supercharger. A solar carport designed to generate more energy from the sun over the course of a year than is consumed by Tesla vehicles using the Supercharger.

We gas guzzlers definitely take for granted being able to tank-up anywhere; gas stations are never but a few blocks from any given location. Save the planet by driving Leaf or Tesla and you soon learn careful trip planning is essential to zero emissions. Fear not, Tesla Motors is setting out to address one of the biggest problems with all electric cars: Range. Tesla Motors now plans on building a new system of fueling stations designed to power a new generation of electric vehicles. Within two years Elon Musk, Tesla Motors Co-founder and CEO, hopes to have the entire US covered.

Tesla Motors produces not just mean but green vehicles that you wont find anywhere else. These cars are not built to look like they came from the Moon, but instead to prove electric cars can be stylish, meet and beat current EPA regulations, and be fun to drive with added posh.

Tesla Model S

Take the Model S with around 416 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque it can achieve 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds. It gives you sporty handling without forgetting comfort and class for up to 300 miles on a single charge. The Model S Provides an experience one would more likely expect from a high end 5 Series.

Tesla Model X

Model X

Back to the Future: Tesla’s DeLorean SUV, an eye-catching plug-in crossover that boasts a set of rear “falcon wing” doors along with a sleek coupe-like body design.

While building off the basics of the Model S; the Model X offers SUV versatility and futuristic gullwing doors. Both models have a fully customizable touch screen and dash gauges with the former being almost twice the size of a full size iPad. Tesla Motors’ first produced a super sports car called the Roadster that would average 150-200 miles on a single charge, with 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds. Despite branching into the full size sedan market, Tesla leaves no indication of shying away from it’s Roadster roots. Admittedly, Teslas are beautifully crafted vehicles, but range anxiety turns most drivers away from buying electric. Thankfully your cure to range anxiety has arrived, and it’s Musk’s Supercharger.

The 90 kW Tesla Supercharger delivers 4.5x more electricity to your battery than Twin Chargers. All this power is safely routed using special cables that connect directly to your battery, bypassing on-board charging equipment. Technical moxie aside, the Tesla Supercharger’s sexy curves and delightful lines will draw envious and curious stares. Within two years, Musk plans to install charging stations across the US. Six Superchargers are already in use across California. Soon Musk plans to install Superchargers at restaurants, malls, shopping centers, along highways and high traffic areas for easy access all over the US. Some locations will employ solar cells mounted on the weather canopy to charge your car with solar energy. The charging station will be engineered to provide half a charge in about half an hour. That’s 150 miles of range with an 85 kWh battery. Another added feature for Tesla owners is not being charged to charge (pun intended). If money is no object the Tesla Model S and upcoming Model X are the clear choice.

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