Hit local GLBT Magazine Marks One Year Anniversary

Evoke Magazine’s current issue marks an important milestone for the hit new print publication. The April/ May issue represents one full year of publishing local, community driven content for the LGBT community, distributing more than 40,000 issues across the North Texas region since its inception. At a time when print magazines struggle to survive, Evoke has resonated with its readers and has been welcomed with open arms into the DFW community.

“Our mission was simple, create a new media outlet that both readers and advertisers could leverage for the betterment of the community,” says CEO/Editor Dante Vargas. “By keeping our cost down, and relying on the support of volunteers we are able to pass those savings directly onto local businesses, helping to provide them with an affordable form of advertising.”

CEO/Editor Dante Vargas

Dante Vargas, a print and web designer by trade, launched the publication while working as the Creative Director for a national print corporation in April of 2011. His contributions have helped establish them among the top leading online print providers as well as one of INC. 500’s fastest growing, privately-owned companies with three production facilities nationwide.

Using his experience in the print industry, Dante has managed to deliver a sleek, high-quality print publication rivaling national magazines. As a new media publication, Evoke’s editors have heavily utilized social networks like Facebook to create a digital connection between publication and reader, providing the kind of digital interactivity only publishing born of this generation can provide.

“We’ll be unveiling a host of exciting new features over the next few months, all in furthering our mission to keep our audiences informed and entertained,” Dante said. “We’re devoting more coverage to local community events and we’re continuing our iOS and Android app development, while, at the same time, continuing to bring you all the regular features you love to read.”

About Evoke Magazine

Evoke Magazine is a new LGBT media outlet for the North Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin communities, being operated and produced by a dedicated team of editors and contributors wishing to see a more vibrant and locally-oriented gay culture. Evoke is a lifestyle and entertainment medium with the aim of highlighting local artists, businesses, places, and personalities which make our community unique and diverse. For more information, contact Evoke at info@evokeonline.com.

Evoke Magazine

About Evoke Magazine

Dante is the founder and editor of Evoke Magazine. Evoke Magazine looks to highlight local artists, businesses, places, and personalities that make our community unique. Providing the best regional LGBT lifestyle magazine.