Chasing his dream, former Dallasite Josh Creel continues his quest for indie stardom.

A mixture of musical styles and countries of origin has met to create a unique live sound, energetic and engaging. “Great American Cities” offers creative and ingenious mix of pop, rock, electronic and dance music that is formulated to move the soul and body. They are a very successful bet on the new sounds of Rock emerging out of San Francisco’s thriving music scene.

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Great American Cities

The band originated when Josh Creel of Austin, Texas set out to chase the dream of musical expressionism in a city he fell in love with after a few visits. His mind had been made a long time ago, and nothing was going to stop him from pursuing his passion in the heart of San Francisco. While searching for potential collaborators through Craigslist, lead singer Josh Creel and lead guitarist Blaine Vossler came across each other’s posts and decided to set up a jam session to test out their musical chemistry. By the end of the 1st session, they had a song written, and an instant determination to write more. With the additional influences of Australian bassist Ian Montgomery, and Colombian drummer Andres Lopez, aspirations rose to new heights, and “Great American Cities” was born.


Inspired by the book The Death and Life of Great American Cities, the band was looking for a name to express their combined interest in nature, and urban lifestyles. The term “Great American Cities” brought these ideas together with the slightest of irony.

The band plans to release an EP later this year, showcasing new material along with refined recordings of their most popular tunes.

Josh Creel

Josh Creel

Great American Cities










Genre: Acoustic-Electronic
Members: Josh, Blaine, Andre, Ian




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