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In 2006, independent duo God-Des and She maneuvered their way into the mainstream, when their provocative “Lick It” debuted on Showtime’s The L Word. Having met in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1999, the long road to success has been rife with true-life clichés, but after spending seven years building a fan base underground, God-des and She hit pay dirt with their third album. Three, which was released on their very own G&S Records, secured the production talents of Brian Hardgrove (Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan, Burning Spear, Aerosmith).

Austin based hip-hop musicians God-Des & She return with an epic follow-up to their highly successful album “Three.”

Defying musical categorization, God-des and She have brazenly and seamlessly blended pop, soul and hip-hop together. And for the past few years, the dynamic duo toured around the world—performing, at minimum, 100 shows a year. From Madison to NYC, and back again, these ladies have definitely earned their musical stripes.

Not only has God-Des and She shared stages with the likes of Salt N’ Pepa, Amanda Blank, and graced The L-Word with a cameo, but their advocacy for gay rights and equality has been at the core of their 10+ year career. These Austin locals are now release their newest album, United States of God Des and She.

In the midst of God-des and She’s daily hustle and bustle, the two artists managed to squeeze some time out of their busy schedule and settle down for an interview with Evoke Magazine.

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God-Des & She Featured in Evoke Magazine

God-Des & She Featured in Evoke Magazine

This will be your fourth Full length album, how would you compare this record to your debut album?
God Des: The need to address really prevalent, oppressive issues is as apparent on this record as it is our first record “Reality”. But we have really crafted and honed our sound and style over the past ten years so sonically, it is on a totally different level. This is a reflection of who and what we are today.
She: We have matured as song writers. Big time! We were listening to old songs from “Reality” on our 14-hour drive from Austin to Tucson. We had a blast laughing and singing along. We were all “ahhhhhhhh shit we forgot about that one”! We were just babies then! I’m so proud of this new record. I honestly think it’s our best work to date.

From Soulful to playful with funky beats reminiscent of Missy Elliot, your musical tone seems to spans the gamut. How would you best describe your own sound, and what’s to be expected of your newest release?
God Des: Inspiring, awesome and funky as shit.
She: God Des did the majority of the beats on this record. That was a first. It really is the defining factor. The music doesn’t get in the way of itself and it all seems to flow. We are really starting to find our sound. But I think it’s still evolving.

Can you give us some information about inspiration for the United States of God Des & She?
God Des: The United States of God Des and She is a place where freedom and liberty are actually real.
We were inspired to write it because we are scared shirtless of how our country is regressing. With “don’t say gay” bills and anti-abortion laws that tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies, we felt we had no other choice but to try and rally folks to create some real change.

What’s your favorite track from the newest album, I assume you both have different picks?
God Des: Mine is “I Want It Back”. My dad died from cancer 2 years ago and the only way I was able to talk about it was through this song. I never intended to actually release the song, but my friends and family were so taken by it that they really insisted we release it so other folks can heal from it.
She: My favorite track is “I Want It Back”. Powerful.

God-des & She Evoke InterviewYou guys did an amazing job with Love Machine, are you planning a new video soon? If so any details you can share?
God Des: We just released a video for our song called “God, I Know You love Me”. And we are going to shoot a video for our next single “Between the Sheets” that is going to feature some guest celesbian cameos.

You recently played a show in Austin on the 2nd, will you be returning to this years SXSW?
God Des: We are playing the Outlander Fest and also the My Old Kentucky Blog showcase during SXSW.

What is it that you as musicians would like to accomplish?
God Des: Winning a Grammy and proving that you don’t have to look and sound like everyone else to be successful.
She: We want to win a Grammy and change people’s hearts regarding equality and gay rights.

You guys have a huge following, what to your credit your success to?
God Des: Spending time after every show and taking pictures and shaking everyone’s hands. And also writing music that is honest and inspiring.
She: I’d like to thank our amazing fans who have stood by us loyally for years now. We could not do it without you.


United States of God Des and She

United States of God Des and She


God-Des & She
Website: www.god-desandshe.com

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