Gloria Estefan’s “Hotel Nacional Drag Queen Video Premiere

Watch Gloria Estefan’s Campy Rocky Horror drag show debacle!

Gloria Estefan taking it back way back in the release of her new video “Hotel Nacional”—No. 5 on the Billboard Dance chart right now.

Feeling a little musical Gloria?
We might just have Ryan Murpy to thank for the guest spot on Glee.

[quote]”I’m a big gleek myself, everybody in the family is,” Estefan says. “When they invited us to be a part of this, I thought, how lovely, to be a part of a show that brought back musicals!”[/quote]

The Cuban-born hitmaker’s  new video for “Hotel Nacional”—No. 5 on the Billboard Dance chart right now—draws inspiration from a variety of cinematic sources, including Cabaret, The Bird Cage and, yes, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Gloria Estefan's drag queen doppelganger

Gloria Estefan’s drag queen doppelganger

The video follows two characters who resemble Janet and Brad from “Rocky Horror.” After stopping at a hotel during a nasty storm, the couple stumbles into an underwear dance scene.  Gloria’s alternate persona in the video manages to comes across a bit Drag, we try not to laugh but she honestly looks like one of our good friends doing his routine.

 “Hoochie Koochie” Susan Lucci

“Hoochie Koochie” Susan Lucci

The drag queen doppelganger video wouldn’t have been complete without a guest spot from Day Time’s own “hoochie koochie” Susan Lucci.

High School Musical and This Is It director-choreographer Kenny Ortega helmed the video, which was shot in Miami and also features Estefan’s daughter Emily wailing on the drums.

There’s a laser light show, dudes in drag, ladies wearing fedoras, swing-dancing—”Hotel Nacional” is a party in and of itself.

Skip down for the video and our pick of the best remix.

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  • angel2damax

    “Hotel Nacional” is Gloria’s second #1 Dance/Club single off her recent CD, “Miss Little Havana” (it hit #1 before the video release.) It’s currently in the top 10 on the Dance/Club chart.