Fresh Face From the South… Daniel Sisniega!

We have always been told you will never get anywhere by simply relying on dashing good looks and a toned, chiseled body. Guess the saying did not include the hard work the muscular employees over at Andrew Christian put in to every steamy photo shoot and overly-sexualized promotional video. No matter what people say, it seems that sex really does sell.

Andrew Christian has been crafting fashionable menswear, swimwear, tees and accessories since its debut in 1997. The underwear company has become a staple in the LGBT community due to its low-cut, revealing, edgy, intimate creations and videos featuring sexy male models such as Nicco Sky and Brandon Wertz parading around in the unique underwear while being soaked in soap and water, covered in multi-colored paint or wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in reindeer antlers and Santa hats.

After showcasing male nudity as an art for 15 years, the company felt it was time to bring in some new blood and created its first model search, looking for the perfect guy to represent the popular brand. After thousands of entries and scandalous photo submissions, 24-year-old, Mexico City native Daniel Sisneiga came out victorious and earned a contract with Andrew Christian. “My manager sent me the call while I was on a photo shoot. He said that it would be a good opportunity to do something interesting outside of Mexico as a model, so I sent my photos,” Sisniega says. “To my surprise my mom called me later to ask me if I have noticed that I was in first place in front of over about 1000 contestants who had also sent their photos. I really like challenges and doing new things motivated me to participate.”

The Mexico City-native beat out over 1000 entries for Andrew Christian’s model search.

The beautiful, blue-eyed, out and proud gay male drops jaws and forces heads to turn for a second look with one glimpse at his heart-melting smile and muscular physique. The model says his fit frame comes from the dedication to spend more time training at the gym and a very fast metabolism. As a professional dancer, a lot of cardiovascular activities are performed and is combined with 40 minutes on a treadmill, two times a week. No diet necessary.

Sisniega is currently a backup dancer for Mexican singer Yuri, a full-time model, is continuing to pursue his studies in dance and acting and working to start his own business in the near future. His decision to go forward with the model search contest was his attraction to the brand, his favorite Andrew Christian production being the Almost Naked brief, and the brave advertising image.
After four tough stages in the contest and beating out a set of twins in the final round, Sisniega filmed his introduction video with the company which featured gorgeous, arousing close-ups, a strategically placed beach ball and showcased his seductive Spanish accent. An accent Sisniega says he is very proud of. “I have always been proud of being Mexican and if I can put the name of my country high in each piece of work that I do it really is a pleasure for me. Spanish is a very rich and fun language, I think that people from other countries should learn it, you guys will not regret it,” he says.
Heritage is a big part of the model’s life, but so is family. It may be hard for most parents to see their child pose in nothing but risqué underwear; however Sisniega say his parents are some of his biggest fans. They always support him in whatever his project may be when he is feeling insecure. They even gathered their friends to vote for their son during the different stages of the contest.

The introduction video, a little over two minutes in length, shows the model flashing his pearly white smile, his flirtatious, hypnotizing gaze, a few slip ups and his nicely wrapped package. Towards the end Sisniega thanks all of Andrew Christian’s customers and fans for their continued support in his native language. “I felt very nervous but confident and comfortable at the same time because the Andrew Christian family made me feel at home,” he says. “It definitely was a unique experience, full of fun and a sense of humor.”

Andrew Christian’s newest model has already become so popular he was even featured in the company’s holiday-themed Christmas video card featuring some of the most popular guys to ever put on a pair of the iconic briefs. Sisniega says he became nervous when the other guys were watching his solo shots, but their encouragement, singing and dancing backstage made him feel calm and confident.

Since appearing in the steamy videos, the model says he has noticed a positive response. He receives many compliments while walking down the street and through his social media sites. He is grateful for the recognition and interest and ready to instantly become just someone’s eye candy. “I am very grateful for all the affection and support that I’ve received from everyone. I’ve always been aware that from Monday to Sunday I am a normal person who goes to the gym, goes out to dinner with friends and lives a life like everyone else while I’m not working,” Sisneiga says. “The only thing that I ever wanted to do is to inspire others with my work. It feels pretty amazing when someone uploads my pictures on Facebook or even when they say bad things because I take it as advice.”


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