Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stumb

Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump confirms solo album release date ‘Soul Punk’ will drop on October 17

Stump has been working on a solo release ever since Fall Out Boy announced they were taking an extended break in 2009 and released a solo EP ‘Truant Wave’ earlier this year.

The singer has previously said he believes his solo record will help improve the next Fall Out Boy album when the band eventually reconcile. He said: “You may hate my solo music, [but] you may like the next Fall Out Boy record because of it.”

While Stump has recorded ‘Soul Punk’, Fall Out Boy’s other members have also busied themselves with side projects.
Bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz is currently touring as part of his new band Black Cards, while drummer Andy Hurley and guitarist Joe Trohman have joined forces with members of Anthrax and Every Time I Die to form The Damned Things.

“It was important because I wanted to make something of a statement. I wanted to take the risk myself. I didn’t want it to be some big label-management kind of fiasco. We could’ve gone the easy route and hired all the latest Paris dance DJs or whatever is the big thing right now, and I probably could’ve had hit records that way. But I wanted to establish that it’s a solo record because it’s something I wanted to make.”


Watch Patrick Stump – “Spotlight (New Regrets)”


The track listing for ‘Soul Punk’ is as follows:
‘This City’
‘Dance Miserable’
‘Spotlight (New Regrets)’
‘I In Lie’
‘Run Dry (x heart x fingers)’
‘Everybody Wants Somebody’
‘It’s Gonna Get Better’


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