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I’d like to take a moment and give the community an update on where Evoke is and where we plan to go. Evoke Magazine is slowly emerging as THE premier entertainment brand through our combination of style and innovation. We recently launched AskCassie.com, a new site where the community can go to submit their questions to be answered by S4’s comic genius, Cassie Nova.  Among these features, evoke is also looking to increase visibility by doubling our distribution, which means getting the Evoke you know and love, into more locations.

Visit us on facebook and share Evoke with your friends and family. Together with community volunteers we’re putting the time and effort into providing North Texas with a better print publication, one that truly reflects and personifies who we are. We at Evoke are not interested in lining our pockets, we prefer to provide a service that both the community and local businesses can both leverage for the betterment of us all. I built Evoke on the notion of helping make MY community a more vibrant place to call home, Evoke is our publication. If this is something that appeals to you, contact us to find out how you can help Evoke spread our message.

Evoke’s Mobile App

Now, we know you already enjoy reading evoke,  flipping through each issue’s pictorials and features. Well, we’re making it even easier for you to do it on the go, because Evoke Magazine is going mobile for both Google Android and Apple iOS. We’re extremely excited to offer a new, sleek, and easy to use mobile app built around custom Facebook API integration. It’s OK if you don’t know what that means, just know that we’re hard at work doing what we can to help bring you the lasted in technology, to help you connect to the local community better.

The core here is that you’re not just getting the usual news, reviews and feature content that you’d get on the regular site, but more interactivity that has been optimized for a more mobile-friendly experience. We’re also providing quick access to additional content through podcasts, videos and photo galleries. Evoke Mobile will be its own in-app community providing status updates, photo sharing, member messaging and local event details. Want to know how to plan your weekend? We have you covered: just launch Evoke and you’re one click away from Dallas’ unique nightlife.


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Dante is the founder and editor of Evoke Magazine. Evoke Magazine looks to highlight local artists, businesses, places, and personalities that make our community unique. Providing the best regional LGBT lifestyle magazine.

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