Comedian. Social Media Artist. Pop Singer.

What do these three things have in common? They are all Ruckus.

Joey Ruckus is an electronic hip-pop musician from Harlem, NYC. He made his first splash on the pop blog-o-sphere in 2009, when he was infamously kicked out of American Idol auditions for entertaining the crowd and “causing a ruckus” with his humor and sarcasm. Since then, he has been seen on MTV, FOX, and was even featured with Katy Perry on CBS’s 51st Annual Grammy Awards. Just this past year, with the release of his debut album, More Famous than You, Ruckus made his TV performance debut on “Connecticut Style,” and his hit single, HollyHood, was featured weekly on “What the Buck,” one of the most popular entertainment shows on YouTube.

On April 10, 2012, Joey Ruckus will be releasing his sophomore album, Roof // Top. Ruckus says the album is meant to “elevate your party to the next level…literally, to the rooftop. I love the exclusivity of the roof,” says Ruckus, “when everyone else is down at the party, you bring that one special person upstairs, and the night gets a little rucked up.”


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Joey’s latest single “Shut//Up” and is available on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.


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