“Body Say” by Demi Lovato

Pop princess in training Demi Lovato is ready to move on with the next stage of her career.. It doesn’t matter that her fifth studio album Confident was just released in October 2015, it appears the “Cool for the Summer” songstress is leaving the underappreciated pop record (“Stone Cold”, “Yes”, “Father”) behind for a more mature, sensual, R&B sound. On the opening night (June 29) of her joint Future Now tour with friend and labelmate Nick Jonas, Lovato premiered “Body Say“, the rumored lead single off an upcoming sixth full length album. She ain’t got no time to waste.

Body Say” steers Lovato away from the electronic-tinged jams of her previous uptempo effort, in exchange for a heated, R&B-inspired bedroom jam. Artistic influences from Jonas and fellow pop frenemy Selena Gomez must have rubbed off on her. In addition to a new sound, the lyrical content paints the artist’s private life in new, revealing and erotic ways. It’s the fearlessness in her ability to share that makes the recently released single one that easily commands attention.

Supported by minimal, slinking production, Lovato is overcome by carnal desires as she sings of taking what exactly she wants from her lover, as the two get hot and heavy in between the sheets. “You can touch me with slow hands, speed it up, baby, make me sweat, dreaming, take me there ’cause I want your sex,” the artist seductively croons over the chorus of temptation. The song may be about giving in, but it also gives a scandalous message of taking charge when need be.

Yes, there will be comparisons by fellow fan bases about the structure similarities of “Body Say” and “Good For You” by Selena Gomez, but what separates the two releases are the vocal abilities of the respective performers. Lovato has always been the strongest, most consistent vocalists when compared to her Disney counterparts (let’s throw Miley in the mix as well). While Gomez played up the part of the delicate and innocent first-timer, Lovato commands a role of a bold and daring seductress. Sexy suits her very well.

Lovato fanatics should be extremely proud of “Body Say“, unfortunate haters might think otherwise. The single works in many ways, especially showcasing an uncharted future direction for the artist’s always-evolving music career. Carried by a solid, flirtatious vocal performance, scaled back, radio trendy production that truly allows that voice to shine bright, and a confident approach to the full disclosure of her sex life… the release checks all the necessary boxes.



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