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Dante is the founder and editor of Evoke Magazine. Evoke Magazine looks to highlight local artists, businesses, places, and personalities that make our community unique. Providing the best regional LGBT lifestyle magazine.

Lockhart’s BBQ – Authentic Texas Flavors

True BBQ needs no sauce to be enjoyed. With moist, tender, smoked and charred bits of perfection Lockhart’s Smokehouse is the closest you can get without driving out to Hill Country. The story of Lockhart’s dates back to one of the greatest families in Texas barbecue. When a family quarrel,...

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Kinect Sports Rivals Review

Kinect Sports Rivals does a lot of things really well — but the hardware, or quite possibly the software driving it, wasn’t up to the hype and fun of a motion controlled gaming experience. Lucky enough for me, I live in a loft with a wide open space complete with...

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Keamo – Coffee House Jam Sessions

Check out the newest from Dallas’ own KEAMO. A smooth, mellow vibe of earthly music that blends the right amount of beats to create a chill relaxing environment. Using touches of jazz, funk and soul to instantly transport you to places both near and far. KEAMO tends to gravitate towards a very full sound, emanating...

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Kiss Me Once – A Roc Nation Sampler

Kiss Me Once a mix of electropop numbers and sexy dance tracks Kiss Me Once remains true to the dance-pop for which Kylie is known. After 25 years with the manager who took her on after Neighbours, Kylie is now looked after by Jay Z’s Roc Nation. Roc artists show...

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