Adam Tyler’s Evoke Magazine Interview

Adam Tyler premieres Like a drug, a healthy addiction that manages to find its way into your morning sing-a-long.

It was late in 2011 when we first heard of a talented male pop artist by the name of Adam Tyler. A YouTube video of him performing in Sweden at the Stockholm Pride festival peeked our interest, spawning an obsession that would leave us wondering who this performer was and why he reminded us of a male Ke$ha. It wasn’t until we learned that he was back in the US playing local venues, including an appearance in Austin, that we vowed to bring this budding pop sensation to Dallas.

You can imagine the excitement we had when we contacted his management team and were met with an open mind to do an exclusive for evoke, a GLBT magazine. Three months later we were finalizing travel arrangements and booking one hell of a photoshoot with A-List reality TV star Ashley Kelly.

His debut album Shattered Ice manages to break away from the ordinary by delivering an impressive performance track after track. Head over to iTunes to download your own digital copy of his infectious 14 track album.

Adam Tyler has the looks and voice to go far in this industry, a male pop singer who can appeal to ladies without alienating a strong gay following.

In his newest video for his single “Like a Drug”, we see a more grown up Adam embracing his inner demons, and turning up the heat in a more provocative way than previously seen.

Don’t be sad if you didn’t make it to his special performance

at Dallas’ S4, you can still watch his video below.

What are some of your favorite tracks from your new album?

Some of my favorites off “Shattered Ice” are “Like A Drug”, “Taking Back My Love”, “Let Me Breathe”, and “Music Freak”. My favorites do change quite a bit but at the moment those four are the ones I listen to the most.

Why did you choose “like a drug” as your newest single?
It’s one of my personal favorites from my album “Shattered Ice”, and it’s also my favorite to perform and it always gets the best reaction at my shows. It just felt right for it to be the next single.

What was the best part of filming “Like a drug?”
I’d say the best part of the “Like A Drug” filming was the big dance scene at the end of the video where the dancers and I do the routine together. They filmed it a few times before I went on to get some scenes with just them, but getting able to do the choreography with that many dancers and seeing it all come together like it did felt amazing. Plus, all the dancers we had in the video were fantastic and it was a blast working with them.

Compared to your previously album and videos, would you say you’ve grown up since then?
Compared to my past music videos, I’d say “Like A Drug” is more me. I’m very much drawn and inspired by darker imagery, subjects, and music, and “Like A Drug” is the best representation so far of what’s in my head and the kind of artist I like to be.

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  • Jeff

    OMG, I was so there the night he performed at S4! mmmm he’s super cute and his video is bad ass!!!!

  • Tommy

    He’s pretty cute, and the video isn’t that bad

  • Freddy Quinones

    Amazing live vocals and all around great performer! It also helps that he wrote most, if not most, of the tracks on his debut album ‘Shattered Ice.’ Defiantly a pop star in the making!!