Evoke Magazine is produced by a hard working dedicated team of editors and contributors. Below is a list of everyone who is or has been involved in Evoke Magazine. To contact any team member, please use the contact us page or give us a call at 214.516.5659.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to Evoke Magazine or have comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Evoke Magazine publishes 6 times a year, a full color glossy print publication.

Evoke Magazine is published by Evoke Media, LLC. In April of 2011 we launched the very first issue of Evoke Magazine, a new entertainment publication for the Dallas Fort Worth and Austin area. Evoke Media brought a new media source to the local Music and Fashion Community and has now taken Evoke national with the launch of our new Interactive Digital Edition.


dante-vargas_evoke-magazineDante Vargas A lover of coffee, pugs & design in general. I’m the creator of Evoke Magazine as well as the owner of Evoke Media, LLC. Throughout my career I’ve helped to develop and deploy multiple start ups along with national e-commerce sites. When I’m not immersed in Evoke, I can be found coding or helping brand other small businesses.


Luis Gonzalez Entertainment Editor http://www.albumconfessions.com Trey Short Style Editor http://www.treyshort.com

Who We Are


Evoke Magazine on TV: Editor-in-Chief Dante Vargas with Ashley Kelly on MTV Logo’s A-List Dallas.

Just exactly who is Evoke Magazine? Evoke Magazine is operated by an independent team of professionals who wish to see a more vibrant and engaging media that showcases and celebrates emerging talent. Our goal is to highlight the local artists, photographers, designers, and personalities that take their talent to new heights. Our aim is to share and provide exposure to the young talent of the world in just about everything creative and cultural.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets Evoke apart from the masses of other print publications out there? Experience. Transparency. Comprehensive results. Our experience stems from not just time spent working in the industry, but also in the volume and variety of projects we have completed. We leverage that experience into a new high quality print publication, that we as part of this community can be proud of.

Our Print Production Facility Printed locally in Arlington, TX Evoke prides itself on producing a publication of the highest quality. A 60+ page monthly magazine printed in full color on a thick glossy stock not newsprint. We work closely with one of the nations best commercial print shop to ensure every issue meets the highest standards.